Friday, September 21, 2012

Ready for my Fall favorites!

                                              Monday nights this Fall are awesome already!

           Switched at Birth had it's third episode of the season, and it was great. Angelo is living in the guest house, and it seems like his presence is felt and he's getting in the way. I feel bad for him. Daphne has a crush on her boss who seems WAY too old for her, plus I think he slept with Emmett's mom...uh-oh. Bay meanwhile is still tagging and seems like this season is leading up to her getting in trouble for it. It wasn't the 
most eventful episode but I enjoyed it!

              Then at 9, a new show premiered and hubby and I sat down to watch it together. It's called Revolution. It was so good. And Johnny enjoyed it too! Basically it's about the earth losing all it's electricity, and noone knows why it suddenly shut off. Flash forward 15 years later, and the story revolves around a widower with a teenage son and daughter, and a very cool British girlfriend. A lot of stuff goes down and the man gets killed, the son gets captured by "militia" and the daughter, and his girlfriend go out in search of his brother, the girl's uncle who she feels could help them. I'm so excited about this one! Can't wait until next Monday.

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