Friday, March 7, 2014

Oh, Hello New York!

I haven't talk about this alot on my blog but I enter to win a lot of contests.
A lot.
I used to win all the time, now I just win every now & then.
But in October, I was blessed to win a trip to a sporting event anywhere in the United States.
Naturally, I wanted to go big or go home, so I chose New York City to see a Giants game (which I know they technically play in NJ but we got to stay and Times Square and then take a town car to the game)
Everything was paid for.
The hotel, the transportation, the airfare and of course the game tickets!
This is just going to be a post of pictures from that trip.



We stayed in Times Square so we explored that area a lot.
We went to Ripleys. and Of course hit all the stores!
We also walked 5th avenue. Sadly, it started raining pretty hard when we got
to Central Park so we turned back and found sanctuary from the storm in a gorgeous old
church which was beautiful in itself.
We went to the Giants game and had a great time.
We also witnessed a good 'ole New York Brawl over sports.
We would have explored more the this awesome city but I got really sick after the game,
and layed low until we went home.
I can't wait to go back!


  1. Wait wait've actually WON STUFF?? So lucky! Haha I guess I dont enter enough contests.

  2. What an awesome win! I love NYC so much!