Monday, April 13, 2015

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30.

Since I turned 26, 30 seems just around the corner.
I have so many things that I hoped to accomplish, some big, some small.
1. Have a collection of board games.
2. See snow in a northern state - I've never seen real snow, just the 2 inches the south sometimes gets.
3. Make breakfast a daily routine
4. Get glasses - I rely on contacts and my eye doctor keeps bugging me to get glasses.
5. Experience Mardi Gras w/Johnny - My husband has yet to see a real Mardi Gras parade.
6. Read my favorite blogs everyday
7. Hike in a national park or forest.
8. Go Apple picking.
9. Have a house
10. Go biking - beach or mountaint
11. Have a successful career
12. Visit a vineyard/attend a wine tasting
13. Visit another country
14. Have a garden
15. Get a new computer
16. Go rock climbing - indoor or outdoor
17. Own and see all the X-Men movies.
18. Stomp grapes
19. Finish a bottle of nail polish- believe it or not I have never done this
20. Throw a dart at a map and make travel plans. -Done!
21. See baby turtles.
22. Tie a message to balloon and release.
23. Be CPR certified
24. Be in school or have a new job.
25. Have a Disney movie all day marathon
26. Have teeth professional whitened.
27. Buy my own washer and dryer
28. Do the Gilmore Girls book challenge
29. Go to a drive in movie
30. Visit all local landmarks before we leave Memphis.

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