Thursday, August 20, 2015

Avey's 1st Baby Shower.

Because I am from Louisiana, and reside in TN, Avey
will be having two baby showers!
She's one lucky and well loved baby all ready!
We the one in TN on August 15th, and I was blown away by the love that everyone shared
for this baby girl.
We received more presents than we could have expected and had a wonderful time,
with our family and friends.
We are so grateful!
My mom threw the shower and she did an incredible job.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Finding Inspiration.

I've never been a steady blogger, but I do enjoy it.
That's why even when I've gone months without posting, I've
never deleted this blog.
Just hoped I'd find the inspiration to blog again.
It's not quite here yet.
Being 8 months pregnant, I've been so exhausted.
The want is there, the drive is not.
I really hope when my little girl arrives I'll see
the inspiration in everything and have that need to blog.
I am so excited about what that little girl is going to bring to my world & I cannot
wait to share it.
In my life I have been a child, a bratty teenager, a careless college student,
a newlywed, and now I get to start this amazing journey as a mom.  

Monday, August 10, 2015

33 weeks and Avey's nursery update.

I am 33 weeks this week!
Only 7 more to go, God willing.
It's getting harder to find the energy to get things done as time goes on,
I love my little baby girl but she sure is an energy drainer!
We moved into our new 2 bedroom apartment this past Friday and now we have
a room for our girl.
I won't be nearly finished with it until after my first baby shower (which is this Saturday!)
but we put up the crib and my husband painted the changing table this weekend.

I can't wait to put everything together, and hang more things on the wall.
It certainly is a work in progress, but to get things
started makes me feel a lot better.
Her colors will be teal, coral & grey.
She's gonna have coral curtains and a coral bedskirt,
and it will not really have a theme but we will be adding
elephants, arrows and feathers in the d├ęcor!
I am so excited to meet my baby girl and bring her home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Maternity Shots @ 31 weeks.

So I've reached 32 weeks with my baby girl.
I can't believe in 8 weeks or less, I'll be holding her and taking
her home. It's been quite a journey and we've had a few scares with
this pregnancy but it's also been a wonderful experience.  
My sister wanted to capture my pregnancy on film, so I agreed to let her
take our maternity pictures. She's so talented and she did a great job of directing
two very awkward people.