Monday, April 20, 2015

Last Week in Pictures.

Blue and I got in lots of snuggles during a very rainy week.
Finally used my map/darts to pick our next vacation.
I loved looking at Hallmark's line of Fresh Ink cards.
They are so cute and funny, it was hard to choose just one
to send to my Sister in Law and Brother.
When the rain cleared I finally got the chance to clear all
the leaves off the back patio. Next step is getting
some cute patio chairs from Target.

Monday, April 13, 2015

30 Things To Do Before I'm 30.

Since I turned 26, 30 seems just around the corner.
I have so many things that I hoped to accomplish, some big, some small.
1. Have a collection of board games.
2. See snow in a northern state - I've never seen real snow, just the 2 inches the south sometimes gets.
3. Make breakfast a daily routine
4. Get glasses - I rely on contacts and my eye doctor keeps bugging me to get glasses.
5. Experience Mardi Gras w/Johnny - My husband has yet to see a real Mardi Gras parade.
6. Read my favorite blogs everyday
7. Hike in a national park or forest.
8. Go Apple picking.
9. Have a house
10. Go biking - beach or mountaint
11. Have a successful career
12. Visit a vineyard/attend a wine tasting
13. Visit another country
14. Have a garden
15. Get a new computer
16. Go rock climbing - indoor or outdoor
17. Own and see all the X-Men movies.
18. Stomp grapes
19. Finish a bottle of nail polish- believe it or not I have never done this
20. Throw a dart at a map and make travel plans. -Done!
21. See baby turtles.
22. Tie a message to balloon and release.
23. Be CPR certified
24. Be in school or have a new job.
25. Have a Disney movie all day marathon
26. Have teeth professional whitened.
27. Buy my own washer and dryer
28. Do the Gilmore Girls book challenge
29. Go to a drive in movie
30. Visit all local landmarks before we leave Memphis.