Thursday, February 5, 2015

Happy Birthday, Mom.

Today, February 5th is my mom's birthday.
My mom, my nephew Deegan, and my Dad.
I know everyone says that they have the best parents.
Well, most people anyway.
I truly believe that if there were a Parent lottery, my siblings &
I came out as the million dollar winners.
My mom is the most selfless person I know.
In fact, sometimes she is selfless to a fault.
She would risk her life for any of her children, and honestly
probably a perfect stranger, because that's just who she is.
She has been there for me, and never judged me through my whole life.
And honestly, most times I didn't deserve it, but she was there.
I know if I ever needed her, she's a phone call a way, and she
would jump in her car and rush over, no questions asked.
Aside from her big heart, she's also the most creative
person I've ever met, a trait that skipped me, but
was passed down to my sister,
When they put their heads together, they come up with some amazing things.
She always made sure I had the best birthdays growing up, and even now
as an adult, she makes sure I do.
I just hope that I can give back some of what she has given me all of these years.
Happy Birthday Mom,
I love you,
Your Daughter.