Friday, January 30, 2015

To my nephew Deegan.

On July 30th 2013, after 8 years of trying my sister and her husband had a baby boy.
They named him Deegan, and our lives have been so different since.

He's 18 months now, and he's make our lives so much better.
My parents are overjoyed every Sunday when they get to babysit, and
their house is overrun with toys.
We all love seeing his personality develop as he's grown.
He's such a sweet, and caring child, he rarely raises a fuss.
He loves food and he's got his little happy belly to prove it.
He loves to pick up after himself, which is so cute to watch.
Last time I saw him, he was sad to see me leave, and he blew
me kisses all the way out the door.

I love my nephew so much.
I can't wait for these next years, and to see who becomes.
I know they are going to be amazing.

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