Monday, August 10, 2015

33 weeks and Avey's nursery update.

I am 33 weeks this week!
Only 7 more to go, God willing.
It's getting harder to find the energy to get things done as time goes on,
I love my little baby girl but she sure is an energy drainer!
We moved into our new 2 bedroom apartment this past Friday and now we have
a room for our girl.
I won't be nearly finished with it until after my first baby shower (which is this Saturday!)
but we put up the crib and my husband painted the changing table this weekend.

I can't wait to put everything together, and hang more things on the wall.
It certainly is a work in progress, but to get things
started makes me feel a lot better.
Her colors will be teal, coral & grey.
She's gonna have coral curtains and a coral bedskirt,
and it will not really have a theme but we will be adding
elephants, arrows and feathers in the décor!
I am so excited to meet my baby girl and bring her home.

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