Thursday, January 8, 2015

Insert Annoying New Year Hashtag Here.

I know you're probably sick of all the  #newyearnewyou posts that
are flying around in attempts to motivate, and convince you that this is the
year that everything will happen for you.
And I hope it does, but I buy into it every year and then the new year high
wears off, and another year passes by without much change from me.

 I am sort of forcing this motivation and until I can convince myself that it's real.
It's less #newyearnewyou and more #fakeituntilyoumakeit.
But hey whatever works.
I, along with my trusty new planner hope that this is the year that I make some changes
that really stick, and make me proud of myself.
I hope that this year is a big awesome one for all of you as well.

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